Our Technologies

If our employees are the heart of our business, then our IT infrastructure is the framework on which we stand.

VMSUS’s significant investment in our call center technology has allowed us to develop a stable yet flexible environment where our agents work. We are positioned to easily run in today’s market yet we remain scalable for years to come. VMSUS is proud to use Cisco routers and switches in our data center. This allows us to have best in class hardware available. VMSUS is an HP certified partner and uses HP servers and desktops.

The cloud-based phone system at VMSUS is fully equipped with ACD capability,  call routing, agent recording/monitoring, and reporting. This ensures our agents deliver one call resolution and are able to maximize call efficiency. Our customizable reports allow our customers a quick look at our call statistics on a day to day basis. We can even support the home-based agent model in certain client applications.

VMSUS is a UL certified central station. This means we follow higher levels of service and reliability due to guidelines we must follow. All our technology resources are fully redundant, from multiple internet paths to both generator and UPS backup. Any interruption of services from phone to electricity are minimized so our customers do not see an outage from us.

VMSUS also complies with many other regulatory agencies such as PCI, OSHA, and workers compensation. We go to extreme lengths to protect our customer’s data.

Timely Support

First call resolution is the standard we strive for.

Innovative Ideas

We are constantly looking for new ways to be your source for unique technology solutions.

UL Certified Central Station

VMSUS is a UL certified central station for Signal, Fire Alarm Equipment, and Services. View here

Clear Communication

You don't need a decoder ring to find a hidden message. Our word is our bond.

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