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Calls answered in 2016

We are not limited by scale or scope.

Our largest partner is a global player that had over $2.96 billion in revenues for 2015; while our smallest partner owns just a single property. If you want to talk about how we can save you money by answering your reservation calls and provide those callers with all-star customer service, we are happy to talk to you about how we can help.

To be frank there are a lot of different companies out there that operate in the Lodging Sector of the Hospitality business and they will tell you that they will save you more money than we will and their agents are better than our agents. I’m sure that we aren’t the first company that you have looked at for your contact center needs in the hospitality industry. It’s possibly you’ve even tried some of the other companies services first and that is the reason you are reading this now. They just didn’t keep their promises to you. 

Here at Virtual Managed Solutions, we keep our promises.  Like the other guys, we have a team of customer service professionals waiting to answer your calls. The difference is our agents have made a choice, from day one of employment, to make customer service their career.

Our staff will take everything you can provide to us about your hotel and fill in any gaps that we find by scouring the internet to learn about the local area, your hotel, things to do, places to see, so they can be as knowledgeable if not more knowledgeable about the hotel than your own employees.

And if you are reading this, but you aren’t looking for help in the hospitality industry our question isn’t why are you reading this, our statement is Great! While we can do a dedicated agent module, most of our clients prefer to use agents in an open cross trained situation. Our team of multi-taskers can take one call for the hospitality industry and the next from one of the other industries we work in. It keeps them on their toes and keeps them fresh and focused on each call. There are no days that get repetitive doing the same thing over and over. The one constant is they continue to provide the best customer service.

We train them to be the best at what they do, but each new training class continues to impress us with their ability to go above and beyond for everyone while still consistently having shorter talk times than our competitors.

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