Outbound Business Development

A lot of companies do business development, but nobody does it like VMSUS.

At VMSUS we take pride in the system we have created for Outbound Business Development. It is a model that helped our CEO CB Smith receive the award of Veteran-Owned Business of the Year in 2015 from the Maine SBA.

Our experienced reps made over one million outbound calls focused on business development last year. 80% of those calls were performing customer satisfaction follow up calls to ensure that customers of our clients were treated the way the clients envisioned for their events. Our scripts are customized to the requirements outlined in our contracts. This ensures that no matter the scale or scope of an event, the points that you as the client feel are most important, becomes our focus.

Year after year our clients rave about our outbound business development support services. Check out our testimonial section to see a glimpse of what a few have previously said about how we created virtual solutions to solve their unique technology needs. Or better yet give us a call at 207-764-1004 and we can start developing a plan to meet your needs as well.

Timely Support

First call resolution is the standard we strive for.

Innovative Ideas

We are constantly looking for new ways to be your source for unique technology solutions.

UL Certified Central Station

VMSUS is a UL certified central station for Signal, Fire Alarm Equipment, and Services. View here

Clear Communication

You don't need a decoder ring to find a hidden message. Our word is our bond.

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